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Mostly Dead Music

by 8bit bEtty

8bit Revenge
Cut and Paste (free) 04:00
connect the dots do you see a picture? color it in does it look familiar? maybe this time I'll cut it out tack it on the fridge where I can see and whenever I look at the mess I've made I'll remember you're not meant for me squeeze the paste sprinkle the glitter attach the lace it doesn't look so bitter Let's make this something we'll smile about I won't cry if you won't too I won't say goodbye we won't say goodbye so let's not try but remember I'm not meant for you cut and paste my heart here cut and paste my heart, dear
A Quick Hello (free) 05:22
It's been so long since we've played a game Nice to see you're well How've you been all these years and how is what's her name Isn't life so swell? I guess I can't complain I've been busy and I've got great friends too I don't know if you've heard, but I've been engaged Yes, life is swell, how about you? I wish I could say that everything has been alright but how can I tell you when I'm afraid that I might accidentally slip and break our newfound pact to stay awake you used to know me in my dreams, but now we're an awkward exchange I guess some games can't be played anymore Time moves on and so do we, we'll find new sports but all those secret plans we made in our fort Abandon ship the mission's lost, it's time to abort You can't stop me dreaming You know it will still hurt when you awake You can't stop me dreaming I never meant to make you cry You can't stop me dreaming You need to stop this isn't healthy You can't stop me dreaming Darling, we have to say goodbye


I haven't made any official 8bit bEtty releases in what feels like forever. This is partially because I've never put together a body of work that feels cohesive. Shifting aesthetics render some songs I had prepared for a new album antiquated. Other times I'll finish a song only to realize it's not very good or doesn't say something honest, and decide it should probably never see the light of day.

While taking a basic photography course, the instructor told me that one must take 300 photos to get one good image. This sentiment has had both positive and negative effects on my musical output. On the one hand it reminds me that it's actually necessary to write really bad music sometimes in order to write something I like later. There's nothing more crippling to an artist than Masterpiece Syndrome (the state of being afraid to create something unless it will be a masterpiece that will trump your last masterpiece).

On the other hand, after you finish something and decide you don't really like it, what do you do with it? Photographers take 300+ pictures in a session, but will rarely empty the contents of their flash card onto a flickr page and call it an evening. Even the impact from the good pictures will be muted in that context. Should I release an album just because I have enough material for one, or should I release it because I actually feel its something that I would spend time with if someone else handed me the same collection of tracks?

This question has been one of the obstacles preventing anything being released since the last EP. I don't plan to find any answers any time soon. I have, however, decided that I'd like to start releasing a series of Mostly Dead Music in an effort to remind myself that at the end of the day, it's all just a series of clicks and whistles. These will be some of the pieces that I either didn't like, didn't feel for, or couldn't pair with other songs for a proper release. It will be updated arbitrarily. Click each track to get a mini description of why it wasn't released.

I intend to distribute these tracks for free. Please put $0 in the pay what you want box. However, if you'd like to make a donation, I wouldn't refuse ;)


released May 7, 2010


all rights reserved



8bit bEtty New York

e-mail: 8bitbetty@gmail.com

Licensing/Synch: ian@themathteam.com

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