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A Quick Hello

from Mostly Dead Music by 8bit bEtty



This was supposed to be on a forthcoming album. I had been saving it for quite awhile, but unfortunately it doesn't really work with the rest of the songs I have lined up. I like this one quite a bit, but it would have been more appropriate had I released it in 2007.

This song sort of exposes my stream-of-conscious approach to writing lyrics (in case that wasn't already apparent). I've never been very good with words.


It's been so long since we've played a game
Nice to see you're well
How've you been all these years and how is what's her name
Isn't life so swell?

I guess I can't complain I've been busy and
I've got great friends too
I don't know if you've heard, but I've been engaged
Yes, life is swell, how about you?

I wish I could say that everything has been alright
but how can I tell you when I'm afraid that I might
accidentally slip and break our newfound pact to stay awake
you used to know me in my dreams, but now we're an awkward exchange

I guess some games can't be played anymore
Time moves on and so do we, we'll find new sports
but all those secret plans we made in our fort
Abandon ship the mission's lost, it's time to abort

You can't stop me dreaming
You know it will still hurt when you awake
You can't stop me dreaming
I never meant to make you cry
You can't stop me dreaming
You need to stop this isn't healthy
You can't stop me dreaming
Darling, we have to say goodbye


from Mostly Dead Music, track released May 16, 2010


all rights reserved



8bit bEtty New York

e-mail: 8bitbetty@gmail.com

Licensing/Synch: ian@themathteam.com

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